Multiple applications

Our F4L embalming and preservation products can be applied in various disciplines:



Teachers and students in medicine will experience a more life-like feel and look with F4L-embalmed bodies during the dissection course. The ease to separate the different tissue layers is a great improvement when compared to the dissectibility of conventional formaldehyde-phenol embalmed body tissue.



Being a more durable and safer alternative for fresh-frozen, F4L-embalmed bodies can offer surgeons more time and more opportunities to safely practise their skills in open surgery, minimally invasive surgery, and robot-assisted surgery. Always a realistic surgical experience without the putrefying odour and minimalising the risk being exposed to pathogens.

Biomedical Science


F4L fixed and preserved tissue can open new research opportunities, not only focusing on macroscopy such as in biomechanical studies but also on microscopy by producing excellent results with various histological and immunochemical techniques. Let us support you in developing new fixation and preservation procedures to forward your research.

Laboratory Animal Science
(reduction of live animal use)


Give your students, technicians and researchers a F4L-embalming and preservation kit to embalm their surplus animals with which they can study the anatomy, train their technical skills, and thus reduce the amount of animals needed for education and training in Biomedical Science.