• Unique Embalming Properties


    Fix for Life is a low-hazardous embalming method with the unique feature to preserve lifelike morphology without the risks of exposure to pathogens when using fresh-frozen bodies or to toxic levels of formaldehyde and phenol when applying conventional embalming methods.

  • Unique Embalming Properties


    In microscopy, F4L-preserved tissue produces excellent results with various histological and immunochemical techniques. Do a pilot with the Fix for Life method to explore what F4L can offer to your research projects.

  • Unique Embalming Properties


    Almost all embalming and preservation fluids worldwide in use contain formaldehyde and phenol which are highly toxic compounds that can easily enter the body through the respiratory system and the skin. All F4L-products are phenol-free and contain no or less than 0.4% formaldehyde. Only for the fixation of the body by perfusion a reduced amount of formaldehyde is added to the embalming composition (0,2-0,3% per body weight).

Life-Like Morphology

Take a look at the results

How do F4L-embalmed bodies perform during surgical training in the skills lab?

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A complete package

For body Embalming, storage, and use

Contact us for starting a pilot with the F4L-method. We will customise the F4L-package to your specific needs and storage conditions. Our F4L-pilot packages will be offered for reduced prices, up to 50% discount!

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Two-Component Embalming fluid

F4L-embalming fluid fixes your tissue without losing its consistency, flexibility, and colour. Bodies can be easily perfused through the femoral or carotid artery by pump or gravitational force.

Immersion bath concentrate

F4L-immersion fluid is a low-hazardous preservative used for storing the F4L-embalmed bodies in tanks. It preserves your bodies and maintains the morphological features of the tissue. It can even revive the colour of prosections that have been intensively used during dissection courses.

Body Cover Sheet Impregnation concentrate

Antiseptic fluid for soaking your body cover sheets to keep your bodies moistened and protect them against microbial attack in between the dissection course days.

Antiseptic Aromatic spray

Body surface sanitising spray to protect the body surface and skinfolds against microbial growth.

Vacuum seal body bags

F4L-body bags are two-layer laminated bags with low-permeability for water and oxygen. The optimal protection for your embalmed bodies during long-term (cold) storage.

Support by email and Skype

Get extensive free support by email and Skype when performing a pilot with the F4L-method.